We are getting married!

After having searched for each other for more than 15 years we are now happy to announce that we will celebrate our wedding together on

July 4th


Our Story

Peter & Simone met in the fall of 2010 when Peter was hired at Digitaria as a project manager. Simone had just started a few weeks prior as the new receptionist. It would be nice to say that it was love at first sight, however, they unfortunately did not hit it off right away. If you asked Peter, he would probably say that she had just never met anyone like him before. If you asked Simone she would probably say that she initially was just not that impressed. Luckily Peter is persistent or, at the very least, stubborn.

After several months of getting to know each other around the office, and a partially ignored “charm offensive” on the part of Peter, the two of them started to hang out some outside of the office.

We’d like pause here for a moment to acknowledge the role that Kate Gaffney, friend of the couple and member of the bridal party, played in making all this happen. If we didn’t, she would never let us forget it. Basically, she and Peter were in cahoots.

During a celebration for his 27th birthday, Peter asked Simone on a date. A few days later, they went on their first date on the Ocean Terrace at George’s at the Cove. At the time, it was the fanciest restaurant that Simone had ever been to. Within a month, they were officially a couple.

Who are we?

The most important participants

The Groom


Peter now 34, has lived just about everywhere. He was born in Chicago, IL completed school at UCLA in 2002 and has spent his twenties practically living out of his suitcase moving from one exciting contract job to the next. Now that he’s found Orlando, he feels like he’s home. Fortunately, there is plenty of program manager work at Digitaria for Bobby so he’ll never have to leave.

The Bride


Simone, now 34, was born and raised Gainesville and went to school at Santa Fe College. Although she loved her life in Gainesville, she was ready for a change. In May of 2009 Simone fell in love with Orlando, FL and moved to their to take a job at Digitaria as a receptionist.

The Groomsmen

Frank Wood
Marco Bandanio
Marcus Cole

The Bridesmaids

Sara Atkins
Laura Lane
Carol Green

Wedding Details

on July 4th

Main Ceremony

Rosegarden Chappel / 2:30pm – 3:30pm

165 Frankwin Avenue
Orlando, Florida – US

Wedding Dinner & Party

Rosegarden Country Club / 4:30pm – Late

37 Castle Road
Orlando, Florida – US


Some hotels nearby

Hilton Grande

Discounted price when mentioned

15 Manwin Avenue
Orlando, Florida – US

Mercure Hotel

Budget friendly rooms for 2 or less

37 Saderson Street
Orlando, Florida – US

Sheraton Hotel

High Class 5 Star Luxury

12 Castleblack Road
Orlando, Florida – US

We got several deals with nearby hotels if you are visiting from outside Orlando.
If you need any help with booking let us know!

Gift Registry

If you want to give us a small gift please choose one from one of the links bellow. We have several lists in several shops that allow you to easily order online


Please let us know if you are able to attend and if so, if you bring someone. We can’t wait to see you at our wedding!